Yeah....LEGOLAND MALAYSIA akan dibuka hujung tahun 2012...At last one of the big theme park akan buka juga di Malaysia...Lokasi kat mana erk??

Ni kat bwh harga tiket yang terkini....

Prices and Tickets 

1-Day Ticket Price in RM
Adult 140
Child (3-11) 110
Annual Pass Price in RM
Adult 275
Child (3-11) 210

Available soon: Pre-Opening Annual Pass*
Limited offer! Get your Annual Pass on discounted pre-opening online rates!*

Pre-Opening Annual Pass Price in RM
Adult 195
Child (3-11) 150

* The Pre-Opening Annual Pass is valid from official opening date 2012 until 31.12.2013. Pay less and get more than one year of full fun and excitement! Online booking soon available here on

Yang ni pulak antara games yang ada kat LEGOLAND MALAYSIA...


The place to be for all those who are fascinated by research and experimentation. Everyone in the family can build and play with LEGO bricks and games. The Kid Power Towers lets you climb up for an amazing view before you drop and pull yourself up again. There are no limits to your imagination here!


In LEGO® TECHNIC everything is faster, bigger and even more action-packed. All heroes must face a challenge. On the TECHNIC Test Track, it’s building up the courage to brave razor sharp turns and drops. Then power ski on Aquazone Wave Racers as you dodge water blasts.


A bridge takes you inside the giant castle, the trademark of LEGO KINGDOMS. This kingdom is yours to protect. Conquer The Dragon, romp through the hideaways and ride astride at the Royal Joust.


This area of the park is hidden in the jungle, surrounded by wild animals and fantastic creatures. Journey through this forgotten city’s ancient temple ruins to recover a pharaoh’s stolen treasure. Beetle Bounce gives kids a boost as they are launched up on Egyptian obelisks. And for the bravest families, test your courage at the Dino Island!


Aircraft and boats are waiting for your command here at the airport and harbour. This is where kids can captain a boat and drive their own LEGOLAND cars and even get a driver’s license. And at LEGO City Rescue Academy, the entire family can race in LEGO fire trucks to hose down a “burning” building


See the world from Gulliver's perspective in MINILAND, the centerpiece of every LEGOLAND® Park. At MINILAND, millions of LEGO bricks form spectacular reproductions of Malaysia’s landmarks, including Petronas Twin Tower and Kuala Lumpur. There will also be other Asian icons such as Merlion (Singapore), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Taj Mahal (India) and many more.

So apa lagi?....pakat2 pi la...huhuhuhu


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